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Pest Control Experts in El Monte, CA

Since 1945, Stanley Pest Control has provided pest control solutions for homes and businesses in El Monte, CA. With a strong focus on customer service, our goal is to make our clients happy by combating any current infestations, as well as planning to prevent pests moving forward. Particular insects in the bee family can be hazardous if not controlled the correct way. That is why we advise you to give Stanley Pest Control a call to help out. We only practice pest control that is safe to your home and the environment.

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We have the knowledge and skill to deal with any type of infestation, whether it be animals or insects, and our top priority is always keeping your home safe and clean. We're the local experts in bed bug control. In addition to ridding your home of any existing bugs, we take time to educate home owners on how to spot bed bugs as well as tips for avoiding infestations in the future.

Call 1-800-566-2505 to speak with one of our friendly team members and learn more about our company and services.

Bee & Wasp Control

Being industry experts in El Monte CA and surrounding towns, we know that this area can encounter a number of different pests. That is why our team specializes in bee control to rid your property of unwanted pests. When a bee exterminator arrives to your home, they will inspect the land for the nest of bees or wasps and provide appropriate solutions to remove them safely.

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Bed Bugs

If you do find that bed bugs are present in your home, call on the experts at Stanley Pest Control. It is not always easy to determine how bed bugs in El Monte CA found their way into your home, but it is important to eliminate the infestation as soon as you can. Common ways they find you is by latching onto luggage, furniture, box springs, mattresses or clothing. They often are hard to find because they prefer to ive in cracks and crevices, nightstands, headboards, pictures, carpet and along baseboards.

Luckily, our team of pest control experts will devise a custom bed bug treatment plan that is unique to your situation. Our effective eradication methods and control strategies have proven to be successfully against even the toughest of bed bug cases we have come across. We often recommend heat treatments and our canine inspections to be sure we are determining exactly where bed bugs are hiding out. Give us a call today if you think bed bugs are infesting your home.

Bed Bug Solutions

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