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Pest & Termite Control Experts in Glendale, CA

If you live in the Glendale area and have pest or termite issues, give Stanley Pest Control a call. Our team offers both boundary and perimeter treatments as well as interior treatments. Since most of the problem pests start in the landscape, a Perimeter Service Program is designed to reduce the need for interior treatments. Stanley Pest also uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is the 'greener' approach. We have been providing safe, effective solutions for residential and commercial pest control since 1945 and look forward to working with you!

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Bed Bug Control

As one of our many services, we take pride in offering the Glendale area the best in bed bug control. Some of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation are dark spots and stains on your sheets. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, our licensed bed bug exterminator will inspect your property and take the necessary steps to eliminate the pests completely.

We also serve as the local area's trusted source fast and effective of ant control solutions. We're committed to protecting your property from ants by getting to the source of your infestation issue and implementing a plan to keep you ant-free for years to come!

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Rodent Control

When temperatures start to drop in our area, you often see an increase in presence of certain types of pests. These type of pest include mice, rats, and other rodents that seek shelter from the adverse weather conditions. One way to prevent these intruders from picking your home to set up shop is completing proactive pest control.

The hardest part home or business owners struggle with is determining how and where rodents are entering your property. The rodent control experts at Stanley Pest Control and seasoned veterans in identifying warning signs and entry points that mice or rats can find their way in. We will come up with a comprehensive plan to remove or prevent a rodent infestation in Glendale CA.

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Termite Control in Glendale, CA

All drywood termite control methods can be categorized as either whole structure or localized. A whole structure treatment is defined as the simultaneous treatment of all infestation, accessible and inaccessible, in a structure. A localized or spot treatment is more restrictive, often applied to a single board or small group of boards.

Drywood termites are secretive insects and are difficult to detect. They live deep inside wood and, except during periods when they swarm or when repair work is being done on infested homes, they are seldom seen. Colonies are small (usually up to 5,000), can be widely dispersed, and take years to mature. For effective termite control solutions, call on Stanley Pest Control. We have extensive experience as exterminators in Southern California.

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