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Pest Control Experts in Santa Clarita, CA

Stanley Pest Control has been serving the Santa Clarita area since 1945, helping local homeowners and businesses get rid of any unwanted pests. We are proud of the reputation we've built as one of Los Angeles' top exterminators specializing in residential and commercial pest control. If you have pest, rodent, termite, animal, or bed bug problems, give Stanley Pest a call today because our specialists have the training, resources, and experience to eliminate and assure protection on all types of pests.

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Residential Pest Control Services

The process begins with an inspection of your property and will then recommend targeted and effective solutions based on your unique situation. We treat for a variety of common pests including:


Rodent Control

Are you a Santa Clarita resident with a need for rodent control? Our extermination experts are also experienced with the identification, control, & elimination of rodents such as mice, rats, and others. Our thorough inspections help track down the source of your rodent issue and implement an effective control solution.

During the cooler months of the year, rodents can be a huge problem for homeowners throughout the state of California. Common signs that you might have a rodent problem are gnawed markings and droppings. When you call Stanley Pest Control, we'll look for the presence of mice, rats, and other rodents. We have years of industry experience so you can rest assured we will find and eliminate your pest problem.

Spider Control

While spiders are commonly feared creatures, most spiders in the state of California are harmless. A lethal bite from poisonous species such as black widows does pose a threat, but these spiders will typically target other insects rather than humans.

Even though spiders may not be "dangerous," they can become a problem when they appear inside your home in large numbers. Spaces that are protected from the elements and low to the ground are prime spots for these arthropods to build their web. Many homeowners in Los Angeles County will find spiders congregating underneath decks/patios, in crawl spaces, attics, etc.

Think you may have a spider problem in your home? The expert exterminators at Stanley Pest Control will conduct an on-site inspection of your property and determine the best solution to remove spiders, as well as other pests they feed on, to help keep your home spider-free!

I had 3 free estimates for termite treatment and Stanley was the only company that sent an inspector that crawled under my house and climbed into the attic. He was very detailed oriented and the job they performed proved to be the same. They arrived on time and left no mess. The men were also very polite and informative.

— Teresa M., CA

Bed Bug Control in Santa Carita, CA

Bed bug infestations of insects in the home, seem to be growing in number year after year. Our team of experts can help spot signs of bed bugs, and is trained in most effective extermination strategies. We take time to educate our clients on bed bug habits, and are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your specific situation.

Many people believe that bed bugs are caused by dirt. However, these great hitchhikers are not drawn to decay. They hide in bedding, clothing, furniture, and migrate to a new home. The easiest way to avoid a full-blown crisis from these bugs is being able to identify a bed bug and the infestation. The flat, oval-shaped, brown insect is a quarter inch long. Mostly found in mattresses, behind pictures, and bed frames. Bed bugs leave behind blood spots and castings on bed sheets. We will inspect your home or business and come up with a strategy that best suits your situation with the latest and most effective techniques available.

Termite Control

There are many localized/spot treatment methods available that include both chemical and non-chemical (eco friendly) options. For liquid or dust insecticides to be effective, termites must touch or ingest them. Spot treatments should be applied only by licensed applicators. Home use products are not effective. In addition, we offer Heat Treatments, Foam Treatments, Soil Treatments and Pre-construction Soil Treatments.

Wood replacement is another remedial treatment option. However, similar to other spot treatments, its effectiveness is highly dependent on detection accuracy and the extent and location of the infestation.

Integrating chemical and nonchemical treatments to ensure that termites are not able to colonize over the long term is a strategy used by some pest control professionals. Nonchemical, long-term preventative methods include physical barriers, such as metal screens. Resistant woods can reduce but do not eliminate damage. There are a few studies that demonstrate the efficacy of combinations of methods or of nonchemical, long-term preventative treatments directed against drywood termites.

Commercial Pest Control

At Stanley Pest Control, our services are not limited to just residential clients who are encountering pests on their property. We are happy to serve office buildings, warehouses, schools and other commercial properties with proactive pest control in Santa Clarita, CA.

We have years of experience offering property inspection, as well as ongoing pest control service and maintenance. Whether it be termites, rodents, bee removal, or even spiders, our team will diagnose your property and provide an effective commercial pest control plan.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Stanley Pest Control, please contact us today.

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