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Fast, Effective Pest Control for Irvine, CA

At Stanley Pest Control, we offer comprehensive pest control services. We understand pest control is an ongoing effort, and we want to help you every step of the way.

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Our Process

The first step in successful pest control is identifying the source of your problems. That's why we start our efforts with an inspection of your home. The goal of this inspection is to identify sources in your home that attract pests, and areas of your home that allow them to enter. Eliminating pests currently in your home won't do much good if the source of the problem still exists.

After we've identified the issue, we use environmentally safe products and techniques to rid your home of bugs and protect against future problems.

Preventative Pest Control

Preventative pest control is easier and cheaper than dealing with an infestation. That's why we recommend an ongoing pest management plan and provide customized advice to homeowners.

Bed Bugs

We specialize in providing bed bug control to Southern California. As bed bugs become more and more common, it's important our clients know how to spot signs of bed bugs and what to do if they find one. Our crew is trained on the most up-to-date extermination techniques, and will take the time to educate our clients about these pests.

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