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In Southern California, flies can be a year-round problem. If you have an issue with flies in your home or business, Stanley can help! Our expert technicians will first determine the type of flies present on your property (house flies, crane flies, garbage flies, etc.) and will then identify the source of the issue and develop a solution for your current problem and help prevent future infestations.

Unlike other common pests, flies are airborne and therefore cannot be controlled with the same techniques used for other pests that can be found crawling on surfaces. At Stanley Pest Control, we've developed an effective fly control process using chemical treatments and devices specifically designed to tackle airborne pests. We target areas where flies live and breed to ensure that we tackle the problem at the source.

Anaheim Branch

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South El Monte Branch

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Los Angeles Branch

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Van Nuys Branch

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Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino & Ventura Counties