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Your favorite season is just around the corner, and you are now excited about all the fun events you and your family will be attending during the upcoming season. You have also likely completed a few house maintenance chores to ensure your joyous moments will go uninterrupted. However, your neighbor has recently informed you about the pest infestation they are experiencing in their home. As a result, you are now also concerned about pests invading your home. Here are a few areas of your home you should check and the top 3 telltale signs that your house may have a pest infestation problem. 

Foundation and Sidings 

Your home’s foundation and sidings are some of the main areas to check first for a pest infestation, particularly a termite infestation. To check for termites in these areas, head outside to see if there are any mud tubes or trails. These mud tubes or trails serve as “highways” for termites, and they love to build their passageways on the foundation and sidings of a home, as they are subterranean pests. If left unresolved, they can wreak havoc in your home by affecting its structural integrity.  


The walls throughout your home are also places where you may find pests. If you begin to notice holes in wood, drywall, and/or sheetrock, then you may have a beetle and/or termite infestation. Beetles can cause significant damage as they tend to reinfest the wood in your home. Termites can also leave small holes on your walls but tend to be smaller like a pinhole. 

Dark Secluded Areas 

Another telltale sign of an infestation problem is the appearance of shredded paper products, fabrics, wall insulation, and other materials in dark secluded areas of your home. Generally, rodents tend to build their nests in dark secluded areas like the attic, basement, or in walls because it provides little chance of disturbance. 

Let Us Help You Today 

These are only to mention the top 3 telltale signs that your home may have a pest infestation problem. If you see these signs, you should contact us right away. We have years of professional pest control expertise and can help you get rid of your home’s pests today.