5 Pest Control Tips To Keep in Mind

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Nothing is more frustrating than coming home to find out that there are unwanted pests in your home. From bed bugs to rats, these pests can be problematic to get rid of and can cause significant damage. But the good news is Stanley Pest Control is here to solve your pest dilemma on home and… Read more »

3 Telltale Signs That Your Home May Have a Pest Infestation Problem

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Your favorite season is just around the corner, and you are now excited about all the fun events you and your family will be attending during the upcoming season. You have also likely completed a few house maintenance chores to ensure your joyous moments will go uninterrupted. However, your neighbor has recently informed you about… Read more »

Full-Service Pest Control Means Peace of Mind

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Living on the coast of the southwest means you enjoy the best weather.  Summers that aren’t too hot and winters are like living in paradise.  These same weather conditions are also perfect for a wide variety of pests.  All kinds of pests thrive in this beautiful weather, including termites and rodents.  There are a few… Read more »

Things You Need to Know About Termite Swarming

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Termite Control in Los Angeles, CA Now that spring is here, preventing pests from entering your home or business is top of mind. This time of year marks the start of many insects emerging from hibernation and entering our homes. One of the most destructive and most difficult insects to spot are termites. Termites are… Read more »

Stanley Pest Control’s Disinfection Services

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Stanley Pest Control is committed to helping local business owners keep their properties clean. We are prioritizing health and safety during this serious and unprecedented pandemic outbreak. As a local business, we know how important it is to ensure your employees and customers can safely and confidently enter your facility. Our professional technicians specialize in… Read more »

How to Control Mosquitoes Around Your Home

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Almost everyone has had the unfortunate experience of being bit by a mosquito! According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes infect over 300 million people worldwide with Malaria and Dengue. Mosquitoes can cause sickness and even death through the diseases they carry. Mosquito bites cause skin irritation through an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva… Read more »

Stanley Pest Control – 75th Anniversary

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At Stanley Pest Control, we’re committed to helping local homeowners and businesses with all of their pest control needs. In honor of our 75th anniversary, we’ll be rolling out a new blog, which will be designed to help educate the local community and promote safe and effective pest management practices. We’re very excited to share… Read more »