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Living on the coast of the southwest means you enjoy the best weather.  Summers that aren’t too hot and winters are like living in paradise.  These same weather conditions are also perfect for a wide variety of pests.  All kinds of pests thrive in this beautiful weather, including termites and rodents.  There are a few things that give homeowners a sinking feeling, such as seeing a termite mud track on the side of the house or finding rodent droppings inside the pantry.  It is important to find a trusted pest control company with whom you know you can depend on not just for everyday common pests, but also for more complicated removals like termites and rodents. 


Termites are a major problem in much of the southwest.  They crawl, burrow, chew through wood, and fly.  In a short amount of time, they can spread over large areas and start to wreak havoc on wood-framed structures.  Most people spot them on the bottom of the outside of the house by the familiar mud tubes.  This isn’t the only way they can get into your home, though.  Since they fly, they can get into the roof and attic spaces fairly easily.  As soon as they are in, they will start eating away at roof trusses and move down the exterior walls before anyone knows they are there.  If you have pest control services for your home, they will find these little pests quicker than the average homeowner.  When found early, it is easy for an experienced pest control company to get rid of termites.  


The same weather that helps us become surrounded by lush vegetation and year-round growing conditions is also perfect for rodents.  Citrus trees, beautiful landscape flowers, and other fruit trees are a buffet for a wide range of little rodents.  Once they are in a neighborhood, it will not be long before they are in your home too.  They find the smallest of hiding spots, fit through the tiniest cracks, and do most of their exploring at night when you’re fast asleep.  This combination means that it can be weeks if not months before you discover them on your own.  Once again, a well-trained pest control technician will find them right away and get rid of them quickly. 


A reliable, trusted pest service is a lifesaver for a homeowner’s peace of mind.  They will catch most pests that are invading a house before the people who live there.  Or if you happen to find something before the technician does, you don’t need to stress, you already know who to call.  You can rest assured they will handle everything from your regular pest control, to termites, rodents and even bed bugs.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.