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Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, & Ventura Counties

Commercial/Industrial Services

From office buildings and schools, to property management, homeowners associations and restaurants, we take care of all of your pest control needs. We are AIB, USDA and FDA Certified offering both commercial property inspection as well as pest control and maintenance.

We have a vested interest in providing a proven, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems. Our integrated approach to controlling pests in your business space has several steps to insure control: 

  • Prevent the pests from entering the building
  • Take care of the ones that are already there
  • Treat the areas where insects are likely to harbor

At Stanley Pest Control, we give our commercial clients the best and most technologically advanced service in the business. We can take care of a multitude of pest problems, including:

Roaches and Other Insects 

After inspecting and analyzing your facility's situation, we will advise you on routines that will minimize insect infestation.

Rodent & Animal Control

Our rodent control program can effectively control entry points and reduce rodent populations.

Flying Insect Control

The control of house flies, cluster flies, moths and others will always require on-going attention as these flying insects can go virtually anywhere. Our program will significantly reduce your flying insect problems through a careful plan that involves surface spraying, light traps, and bait. 

Maintenance Programs & Integrated Pest Management

After our initial treatment, we can help control the long-term risk of pest problems as well. Our pest control technicians professionally evaluate your building and then create a custom program combining extermination, pest deterrence, physical barriers, suggestions on how to eliminate attracting pests and well as periodic application of pest control agents and annual inspections.